Clean Eating On the Cheap

Everyone is on a budget these days and that, no doubt, influences our weekly grocery bill.  The silver lining to tighter purse strings may result in a more simplified and pure pantry.  Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy can be cheap. In fact, a bag of chips will run you 40% more than a pound of seasonal, fresh produce.  Moral of the story, steer clear of the aluminum bags and focus on these cost-effective staples.

1) Frozen veggies and fruit. Just as nutritious and will last much longer than fresh produce.

2) Quick oats.  Target recently advertised their brand for $1.99 a canister. Perfect for an easy, high fiber breakfast or snack.

3) Store brand Greek yogurt.  Trader Joe’s brand is usually around $.99 for a 6 oz serving. Greek yogurt is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and protein.

4) Lean, ground turkey.  I can usually find 99% lean ground turkey at Shoprite for a bargain  $2.99/lb. Take that sirloin!

5) Beans and lentils. A perfect option for a heart healthy, meatless meal with a decent shelf-life.  Incorporate into soups, salads or even on pizza for a balanced meal.


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